We are packing in a busy schedule of teaching and lecturing this winter mixing up architecture, forestry, seminars, teaching and field visits.

We’ll be at the Architectural Association in October with the Inter 3 looking at concepts of the forest, their cultural evolution & future significance and have been invited to give a Cass Research Seminar in November at London Met. In December we are hosting a three-day field visit taking Arts University Bournemouth M.Arch students on an intensive journey considering landscape contexts encompassing new ideas in timber-based vernacular architecture; sawmilling; timber framing; silviculture and the future of rural landscape & architecture.

Come the new year we will be back at Bournemouth teaching timber-properties, processing & products with a heavy slant of architectural applications and the same at Harper Adams with forestry students looking at the same subjects from a foresters point of view.  Carrying over from last year we are working with a number of M.Arch students providing ongoing advice on through remote tutorials on timber uses for specific applications in their dissertation research work.

There are still some slots available for teaching, lectures, seminars or tutorial groups with students, get in touch for more details or to discuss options.

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