Most of our work is based in England and especially southern England where a relatively fragmented timber resource exists of small woodlands with high species diversity and small-scale milling operations.  It is difficult for these areas to compete on volume commodity timber markets and we believe the answer lies in increasing the quality of the resource to access higher value markets:

  • We offer quality assessments and advice to forest owners based on end-user quality requirements.  This means looking at growth rates, knotiness, density and diameters amongst other parameters and advising on best possible markets.  We often see potential saw-logs in firewood stacks and potentially valuable softwoods being prematurely felled when taking the long view towards larger diameters maybe the best option.
  • Undertaking a quality assessment at the forest or in the mill can lead us to make contacts with high-value or niche processors for you.  We have experience in strength-grading of timber and experience of market development.
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