The Teign Valley in Devon has a rich history of woodland and forestry from the Atlantic Oak woodlands through the pioneering work of the Elmhirst’s at Dartington in the mid 20th Century.  As a result the Valley has a mix of woodland from Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland through to exceptional quality Douglas fir.  We are working with the Woodland Trust to try and enhance the value of the timber being grown and extracted from the valley so that that better returns can lead to better management and increasing the resilience of the forestry.  These returns aren’t merely financial but will include better use of the timber in local supply-chains to re-engage the local timber processing and using community; these resilient features aren’t just ecological but will include better access and higher quality timber being grown.

The work will include quality evaluations of standing and harvested timber.  Knowing volumes and quality parameters we will be working with sawmills, timber framers, architects and other timber users to move timber into localised supply-chains.

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