2019 sees the centenary of the Forestry Commission and an opportunity to explore what forestry means in the UK, where we are at and where we are going.  We worked with Artdotearth and the Royal Forestry Society to host this major event at Dartington Hall 19-21 June 2019.

Over 80 participants, 250 delegates and 4 days of inspiring debates and discussion. It had been a long-term ambition to run a major event taking a deep discussion based look at what forestry is, what it has been and what it should become.  The conference mixed arts, science, policy and practice over three days and is the most ambitious undertaking we have ever embarked upon. We just can’t thank enough the work of Richard, Cat and Minou at Art.Earth and the Royal Forestry for making this event happen.  A pdf of the full conference programme is here and there is plenty more information on the event website.

Moving on from the conference we have been discussing how we publish and how we move forward.  Over the next year we hope to hold a number of smaller more focussed events based around key themes that came out of the conference.

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